Kindergarten – Miss Leisten

November Highlights

In November, the kindergarten students will be busy with fall and Thanksgiving themes!  The students will begin the month learning about migration, owls, turkeys, and Thanksgiving.  New songs, poems, fingerplays, and stories will introduce these concepts to the students.  The students will also be involved in an election unit this month.

In religion, the students will learn about their families, friends, and teachers, and how they are gifts from God.  They will also learn about Thanksgiving and will give thanks to God for all that He gives them. They are also involved in a fall religion unit on the fruits of the Holy Spirit!

In math, the students will work on identifying, counting, comparing, and writing numbers to 50.  They are breaking apart numbers to 20 to show how many tens and ones are in each number.  They are also learning how to add and subtract using numbers up to and from 10!  Hands-on activities, centers, songs, and games will allow them to practice these skills.

The students also continue to learn new letters and meet new Superkids.  This month, they are meeting Sal, Lily, and Icky.  These new Superkids help them learn about the letters S, L, and I and also about blending letter sounds!  Also in reading, the students are working on identifying characters in a story, the beginning and endings of stories, and making predictions.

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