3rd Grade – Mrs. Franczek

September Highlights

As an exciting new school year begins, the 3rd grade class will embark on a world of learning.  Our adventure will lead us through many educational experiences as we travel through new territory to achieve academic excellence and spiritual growth.

This month, we are emphasizing writing complete sentences and short paragraphs in English.  Utilizing the five step writing process, we will create short narratives and work on spicing up our writing through expanded word choice.  Journal prompts will help us learn to respond quickly and accurately to questions and topics.

In reading, our literature selections will focus on the theme of finding our place in the world.  Fiction, biographies, and fairytales will help us to explore this theme as we look at how friends and family help us to grow and appreciate our individuality.  Emphasis will be placed on identifying literary elements of a story and effectively responding to essay questions about the text using citations.

Math finds us developing our skills in place value, comparing and ordering whole numbers, rounding, and reviewing basic addition and subtraction facts.  Using place value blocks and other manipulatives, students will express numbers and show regrouping.  Numbers will be written in standard, word, and expanded form for easier reading and computation.

In Religion, we are learning how the Church is one.  The importance of how the Holy Spirit helps us live our faith through the sacraments, prayer, and love of others is emphasized.  We are studying early faith communities and looking at the many ways they found to share the Good News with others.  Like them, we want to use our talents and unique abilities to be the hands and feet of Jesus in our world today.

Social Studies finds us working on our geography and map skills.  We are reviewing how to use map keys, a compass rose, and a scale of miles as well as lines of latitude and longitude.  We are locating continents, oceans, hemispheres, the equator, and prime meridian on both maps and globes.  From there, we will move into the concept, geography, and history of communities.

In science, we are taking a close look at plants, animals, and life cycles.  We will be looking at the role environment plays on adaptations and extinction.  We will also be learning the steps of the scientific method and conducting simple experiments.

This year will be an exciting educational experience for our 3rd grade class.  The children will move from dependent to independent learning.  I am looking forward to guiding and supporting your children on this journey and working with you as we explore a world of knowledge together.

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