4th Grade – Mrs. Iannelli

April Highlights

Happy Spring to Everyone! A new season has arrived, and signs of spring are all around us! As the flowers begin to grow (or at least attempt to), S.M.G.’s fourth grade class continues to do so as well. Here are some of the interesting things fourth grade will be learning in May!

***Famous Americans will soon be visiting our classroom! Students have been assigned their American and have seen examples.

****Don’t forget that research projects are due May 7th, which means all 3 parts: Research paper with bibliography, poster, and speech

Religion: During the Family Life unit, the students are learning and discussing the importance of life. Parents, remember to discuss and preview the topics with your child using the Parent Resource Guide. Also, check for family pages to come home.

Spelling: The lessons continue to focus on word spellings with the addition of prefixes and suffixes.

Reading: Students are reading various stories around the theme of Timelessness, while focusing on strategies such as summarizing, plot, and text structure. Students are also practicing the skills needed to write bibliographies and outline. With National Poetry Month ending, students will also continue to read a variety of poems by well-known authors.

Math: Fourth grade is learning all about fractions and decimals and then will continue the study of geometry. Continue to practice division facts as they are crucial to our work and their future success. Ask the students about their math sprints in class! XTRAMATH is a great tool and must be done 3 times a week.

Social Studies: The students are making their way through the United States and are focusing on their study of the Midwest’s history. They are studying about the many groups of people who do and have lived on the land. Continue to practice the regions. Each student should be focusing on the states and capitals of the entire country! We have had each region’s quiz, so onto the entire nation!

Science: Fourth grade is working on their study of Earth Science. We are learning about rock, minerals, landforms, and more. Students will be creating and labeling volcanoes in class in accordance with the Earth Science unit. They can’t wait to see them erupt! Very soon, they will be inventors when they create their egg-drops so stayed tuned!

English: To celebrate National Poetry Month, fourth grade is reading and writing many genres of poetry. In Writers’ Workshop, they have written debates and comparison essays. Now they will complete a brief research paper as they have been practicing skills all year. In addition, grammar class is concluding the study of pronouns and moving into adverbs and prepositions.


  • Practice states and capitals!
  • XTRAMATH is a requirement! Please use it 3 times a week.
  • Students should be reading at least 20 minutes each night.

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