2nd Grade Curriculum

Second grade is a very busy school year.  Second grade is a transitional grade.  Second graders become more independent in their schoolwork and in the classroom.  Second grade is a time for learning and preparing for First Communion.  We also participate in weekly Masses with third and fourth grade.  They are on Wednesdays at 8:30 AM.  Second grade is a year for growing and maturing!

School Year Plan:

  • Reading: Comprehension, predicting, sequencing & phonics
  • English: Sentence structure & parts of speech
  • Math: Addition/subtraction of one, two, and three digit numbers, word problems and multiplication
  • Religion: Church community, sacraments and saints
  • Social Studies: Where we live, our earth, working together, our country today & long ago and important people in our country
  • Science: Life science, physical science, earth science and the human body
  • Spelling: Long and short vowel words
  • Handwriting: Manuscript and cursive


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