4th Grade Curriculum

Fourth Grade Year Plan

The following are highlights of each subject covered in fourth grade.  Under each heading, you will find a brief description of the concepts to be mastered.

The central theme of Life is covered this year.  In order to instill an understanding of this concept students will discuss God’s Goodness,  Jesus, the Holy Spirit, the Church and social justice.  During fourth grade, the sacrament of Reconciliation is made.  The sacrament will be taught in accordance with the theme of Life.  In addition, Family Life will be covered following Easter.

Social Studies:
The central concept is the regions of the United States.  Fourth grade will study the regions as one America and separately as individual entities.  Students will discuss the geography, history, people, culture, and events crucial to the specific region being studied.  In addition, map skills will also be applied throughout the year.

Various concepts will be covered this year.  Students will begin by developing an understanding of life science and will move into physical science, earth science, and the human body until the year’s end.  In accordance with each unit covered, students will apply the scientific method, inquiry skills, and experimental processes to better comprehend the concepts.

As the year progresses, fourth grade will cover a range of concepts in Math.  The year begins with a review of place value and moves into multiplication, division, geometry, fractions, and decimals. With each chapter, students will work cooperatively and individually to master these skills.

Each story in Reading will enable students to expand their vocabulary and enhance their comprehension skills.  Themes such as family, individuality, timeless stories, success, imagination, and nature will be addressed.  Students will read a novel as a class.  In accordance with each story read, students will strive to master comprehension skills such as compare and contrast, sequence, preview, predict, cause and effect, setting etc.

Throughout the year, English will cover a wide variety of concepts.  Not only will fourth grade work to master the skills needed in language and usage, but they will also enhance their own writing.  Students will learn the various elements of a sentence (nouns, verbs, predicates, subjects, punctuation, etc.) and will apply these skills in their own writing.

With each Spelling unit, students will cover a different concept.  The year begins with long and short vowel sounds and progresses into concepts from homophones and compound words to -ed/-ing endings and many more.

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