6th Grade Curriculum

School Year Plan


  • Old Testament focus on the Promise of God to His people
  • Family Life “Growing in Love” stresses responsibility for: values, ethics, morality, sexuality
  • Sacramentals, sacred time, space and place
  •  Seasonal Liturgical topics and experiences
  • Prayer, especially the Liturgy


  • Basics (Whole numbers, decimals, fractions, ratios, proportions, percent, integers) reinforced through the discovery learning process, individualized centers, cooperative group experiences and real life applications
  • Statistics
  • Geometry and Measurement
  • Probability
  • Patterns, Variables and Number Theory
  • Equations and Inequalities


  • Literature based program with a focus on reading to learn rather than learning to read
  • Novels and film studies based on contrast/comparison and basic skill reinforcement


  • Introductory Course

Social Studies:

  • Study of World History


  • Grammar and Composition


  • Life, Earth, the Human Body and Physical Science


  • Musical production preparation

Sign Language:

  • Students will be presented with an introduction to ASL
  • Students will learn to fingerspell and to count from 0-100
  • Students will also learn basic conversation skills


  • The art students will spend most of their time preparing sets for each quarterly drama production, but there will also be time to experiment with paper mache, draw portraits, and more

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