8th Grade Curriculum

School Year Plan

In English, students will be working on grammar and composition. In class, students will be writing narratives, persuasive papers and compositions that require research and analysis. In terms of grammar, students will focus on parts of speech and parts of a sentence. By learning proper sentence structure through grammar, students will be able to strengthen their writing skills.
In Social Studies, the students are learning about immigrants. They are drawing their own version of the Statue of Liberty.

Math with block scheduling investigates:

  • Basics (Whole numbers, decimals, fractions, ratios, proportions, percent, exponents, integers) reinforced through the discovery learning process, individualized centers, cooperative group experiences and real life applications.
  • Statistics
  • Geometry and Measurement
  • Probability
  • Algebra: Patterns, Variables, Number Theory, Real Numbers, Algebraic Expressions, Algebraic Relationships, Equations and Inequalities
  • Graphing in the Coordinate Plane

In Reading class, students will be discussing many different types of literature such as novels like The Outsiders and Animal Farm; short stories like “Flowers for Algernon,” poetry, nonfiction pieces, persuasive pieces and dramatic works.

In Religion, students will be learning about the foundation of the early Church. They will be studying the works of the Apostles. Second semester, students will begin their preparation for the sacrament of Confirmation. They will also learn how to make wise Catholic-based decisions about important topics such as communication with parents, belief in oneself, drugs, sex, alcohol and friendship through their Discipleship book.

In Science the eighth graders will be learning about…

  • The stars and galaxies
  • The solar system
  • The earth and its moon
  • Earth’s atmosphere
  • Earth’s oceans
  • Earth’s fresh water
  • Earth’s landmasses
  • Earth’s interior
  • Movement of the earth’s crust
  • Earthquakes and volcanoes
  • Plate tectonics
  • Rocks and minerals
  • Weathering and soil formation
  • Erosion and deposition
  • Weather patterns
  • Climate
  • Earth’s history in fossils
  • Energy resources
  • Earth’s nonliving resources
  • Pollution
  • Conserving earth’s resources

In Drama, the students will be focusing on musical production preparation.

In Spanish the students will be working on basic vocabulary including numbers, colors, and the alphabet.

In Art, the students will spend most of their time preparing sets for each quarterly drama production, but there will also be time to experiment with paper mache, draw portraits and more.

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