Meet the Teachers: 4th Grade

Mrs. Danielle Iannelli, formerly Miss Panico, is excited to be starting her eleventh year as an educator and member of the SMG community!  In May 2006, she graduated from Dominican University with a B.A. in American Studies and Elementary Education.  She also has her master’s degree as a Reading Specialist and is working towards her ESL endorsement.  Through her own education, Mrs. Iannelli has developed the belief that a
teacher is meant to educate the whole child.  One’s learning does not stop with math, science and social studies.  Teaching lifelong lessons are also crucial to being a teacher.  Therefore, Mrs. Iannelli is inspired by a student’s success.  Seeing a child’s joy and excitement upon getting a well-deserved grade is what makes her truly smile.

With that in mind, Mrs. Iannelli cannot wait to start the new school year!  So many exciting activities will be going on this year.  One unit will be the fourth grade’s focus on Italy and multiculturalism!  The students will partake in interesting, fun, and educational activities and experiences from day one of fourth grade! It’s going to be a very exciting year!

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