Student Council

Student Council for 2015-2016 is an elected school club for fourth through eighth grade students.  There are four officers and three representatives from each class.

Each class has three representatives which are voted in by their classmates.  Student Council offers fun and creative events for the school such as out of uniform days, dances for the 6-8th graders and other events for holidays.  The officers for this school year are:

  • President: Fidel Mayora
  • Vice President: Julia Kozaczka
  • Treasurer: Alana Manrique
  • Secretary: Patricia Rutkowski

Along with the moderators:

  • Mrs. Krielaart, 5th grade
  • Mr. Gonzalez, 7th grade

From the President:

This school year as Student Council president, I will have many responsibilities to try to make this year as fun as possible. For this school year, I will try to create new and exciting activities that will challenge the students’ mental skills. I will also make sure that many of these activities are good for the students’ physical health, and will also help to work on building teamwork skills. Last, but not least, I will make sure that Student Council will keep all the activities that the students loved so much from last year. This means I will also be prompt in giving out the information for the many new activities. This will be done with the help of our great Student Council delegates. I am truly looking forward to a great year.

Your president,
-Fidel Mayora


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