Meet the Teachers: Computers

Hello, I am Chauvaun Goodman and I am excited to be a part of Saint Maria Goretti as the computer teacher. This will be my third year at SMG and it will also be my seventeenth year of teaching. I received my Bachelor of Science in secondary education from Northwestern University’s School of Education and Social Policy.

I really enjoy helping people learn. I believe my task as an instructor is to inspire life-long learning in a stimulating atmosphere where each student is encouraged to think critically, make connections, discover the relevance of technology to their lives, and share ideas in a variety of ways while taking knowledge obtained beyond (in this case) the confines of the computer lab.  Indeed, some of my most joyful moments occur when students tell me they took something we discussed in class, try it at home as well as in other core content subjects, and had fun discovering ways to apply skills we explored in other aspects of their lives.

This year, we will continue looking at a number of software and their functions in both study and creativity. We will also discuss the past, present, and future innovations of ever-changing technology and how they affect our lives. I am especially excited to introduce various applications such as Daz Studio, Anime Studio, and Blender this year.

I enjoy learning about, sharing, and collecting technology: You name it and I probably had it, currently have it, or making plans to get it! Beyond that, I also enjoy reading classical and Romantic literature (especially Poe and Dostoyevsky), watching animal-nature programs, as well as listening to music (Verdi, Bob Marley, and Nina Simone).

My hope for this year is that we learn much and enjoy doing so.  It will be a pleasure to meet you.

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